Tours & Sightseeing

Looking for a suggestion or a bit of structure for your visit? Here are a few places to start:

(For individual tour operators and guide outfitters, explore the Stop & Play options)

Forestry Interpretation Centre - Lookout Tower

Get a birds-eye view of the industry that has shaped Quesnel into what it is today. The tower can be found just off of Highway 97 on Two Mile Flat, in North Quesnel.

Historic Walking Tour

Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and discover the unique history of Quesnel. We cherish our heritage dearly, and want to share it with the world. If you’ve got an hour to spare, spend it on a Historic Walking Tour of Quesnel.

An illustrated walking tour booklet can be found at the Quesnel & District Museum and Archives. It provides a comprehensive guide to 36 points of interest on the walk, taking you to old artifacts, historical and interpretive signage and amazing vistas of the Quesnel and Fraser Rivers. The guide includes a map, photos and information on each of the 36 points to help you learn more about our history. For more information visit:

Little People Tour

Walk the streets of Quesnel in search of our 23 uniquely painted fire hydrants. Pick up an illustrated guide at the Quesnel Visitor Centre or download it from the City of Quesnel website. Each painting represents an important historical figure with a background story, which can be found in the Quesnel’s Little People Guide.

This self-guided tour allows you all the time and freedom you want to explore!

Heritage Corner

Heritage Corner is located along Front Street in Downtown Quesnel where the Quesnel and Fraser Rivers meet. Once the original village of the Lhtako Dene Nation, it serves a special symbolic importance to the community. It features interpretive and commemorative signage and many original historical artefacts including:

  • Water Wheel: A replicate of the Cornish wheel used at Williams Creek in Barkerville. The wooden structure was completely restored in 2016, incorporating the original metal pieces such as the axel and crank arm.
  • Hudson’s Bay Building: Built in 1866, this historic building was was owned and operated by the Hudson’s Bay Company for 54 years. Since the stores closing, the building has received several restorations and now serves as a successful local artisan shop Cariboo Keepsakes.
  • Steam Shovel: Once used by the Cariboo Hydraulic Mining Company for their Bullion Mine in the early 1900s, this shovel dug a trench from Spanish Lake to the Bullion Mine.
  • Fraser River FootbridgeThe longest wooden truss footbridge in the world serves hundreds of pedestrians each day.
  • Boiler: This boiler comes from the first steamship to arrive in in Quesnel in 1863 from Alexandria, ‘The Enterprise’.

There are many more points of interest located in Heritage Corner. Pick up a Historical Walking Tour of Quesnel brochure from the museum, or check out the Heritage Register on the City of Quesnel website for more information on artefact history and locations.

Visitors wanting to visit Heritage Corner can park at Ceal Tingley Park, or in one of the parking lots located in Downtown Quesnel.