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One of Quesnel's most iconic points of interest, the Fraser River Footbridge helps hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists cross the Fraser River every day. It was built in 1928 after we lobbied the provincial government, claiming the ferry was no longer adequate to meet the transportation demands of our rapidly growing town.

Over the years, the purposes of this bridge have evolved alongside the needs of the community. At the time it was built, traffic was limited to pedestrians, horse-drawn vehicles and the occasional motor vehicle. Each year, as many as 400 cattle were herded across the bridge by ranchers from Ndazkoh, Chilcotin and Batnuni for auction.

In 1954 the bridge was upgraded to allow single lane traffic of logging trucks with the installation of stop lights. The forestry industry was booming; birch was shipped from Quesnel via the Pacific Great Eastern Railway to be made into plywood for Mosquito bombers.

By the early '60s the bridge was in desperate need of repairs. Some locals wrote a satirical poem about the need for new bridge, which was set to music and aired on the local radio station CKCQ (You can listen to the song on the City of Quesnel website). The song became a hit, and became part of a government campaign to build a new replacement. The campaign was successful, and the Moffat Bridge was opened in 1971.

With some repairs, the Fraser River Footbridge serves the community for pedestrian use, connects the Riverfront Trail system and serves as a reminder of our history. Today it is recognized as the longest wooden truss walking bridge in the world! We've added some new features, including programmable lighting which lights up the bridge and river each night. 

For more information on the bridge and its history visit the City of Quesnel website.

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